October 9, 2009
Thankful Thursday on Friday ... and ramblings

I was just looking at the small slideshow I put together and so many thoughts went through my mind.   Its early here, Stephen just left for school and everyone else is asleep.  I miss my routine at work, because it fills the day time hours with thoughts other than stupid cancer.  I plan on making a schedule for my next 4 days off to fill the time, there is much to do.  I am doing better than I was last week.  God is on the throne, my life is in His hands, nothing I can do to change that.  My faith and trust are in Him.  Always.

I scored big yesterday at the Bargain Factory in regards to the carnival.  I went to town to go to the bank and visit my co-worker Beckie, and stopped at the church to pray and then headed there.  I wasn't going to go, but glad I did now.  A simple prayer on my way there was, Lord, please let them have something good for the prizes for the carnival.  So simple, and yet answered in a great way.  I scored big on coloring books that have either paint, crayons, little skateboards, magic wands, magnetic stickers etc on the front.  3 for $1.00!   They were all the favorite kids character ones.  They also had Old Fashioned Candy Sticks ... 5 cents each.  Woah.   Picked up 80 for that price.  They will be good for those small tickets left in their hands.  As I was checking out, I told the lady if she could do a separate receipt because these were for church.   She asked me if I saw the case of licorice for $4.99?   Case?  Uh, no.  She said there is one left.  I was right in that aisle picking up other items.  Yup, a whole case of individually wrapped Sour Punch Straws.  There were 6 tubs of 225 each, you can't even touch one of those at Sams for $8.00.   These will be great for the fishing booth.   Thanks Lord!!!

They also had Oregon Chai Tea Latte concentrate for $2.29 -- regular, vegan, and sugar free!  All organic.
We enjoy that in the winter, I need to go back and get some.  They have Tazo at Costco and its about $7 for three, so its a little less expensive.  I prefer the organic because it doesn't use the white refined sugar and has honey.  

I was looking at the wedding photos and saw so many photos of Josh and Joanna.  It didn't matter to him so much that it was his wedding day, but a little girl needed comfort.  She was pretty scared on the wedding day.  Not many photos have her smiling until after the ceremony!  Silly girl.  There are lots of photos with Josh holding her.   

There's a smile.  Love that girl.

Josh has done well, the Lord has blessed his desire to live a holy life.

I'm thankful for him today, his faith through my trial. I can't tell you how many times, I've heard -- God's taken care of it. When I found out the lymph nodes were clear, I was talking to Sarai and she asked if I told Josh. I told her yes, I texted him, but haven't talked to him. I said, no point, because he'll just say, I could have told you that Mom! Which is exactly what he said later that evening. Goof.

Love these boys.  A trash can background?  LOL!

Thankful for friends and their encouragement ... sometimes its been a very lonely road, but ... it's all good.

Joanna with her bag of candy from the buffet.

Our photographer adjusting Charlie's clothes.  His brother Joseph took quite a few photos.  I haven't seen any of Joseph yet in the files.  I wanted one of him too.  He was a huge blessing.

Yes, I know -- lots of photos of Josh, but I am the mother of the groom ... LOL!  There are so many photos -- it will be impossible to even share a small portion of them.  Thankful for photo memories.

As always, thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ, His saving grace and healing power.  He's an amazing God, and I'm so thankful He chose me to serve Him.  I'm thankful for His trust in me ... I can do anything with Him by my side and of course carrying me a lot of the way.    

Time to go walk and start my list.

Pray for the hub today ... sick.   Blah.  IJN not the flu.  Of course, since he has the next four days off and we have a list to get done, he'd get sick.  Figures.  There is a lot on our plate right now ... and time is in short supply.  (and energy!)

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