October 19, 2009
Menu Plan Monday --

Monday came early today for some reason!
Taco woke us up twice during the night to do his business.  Once about 130 (hub took him) and then at 330 (my turn).  When the alarm rang at 430, I so did not want to get up.   {sigh}

My co-worker is on vacation all week and one of the international class is gone on a Field Studies Trip all week, so it will be quiet.  I have plenty to do, just need to get motivated to actually do it. 

Sunday  - Vegetable Beef Soup (never made last week!)

Monday -- Leftovers -- Turkey Sandwiches  (Surgeon and Radiation Oncologist appts!)

Tuesday -- Chicken Parmesan and Pasta, Salad, Bread  (will adjust to make it healthier!)

Wednesday -- Pigs in a Blanket, Veggies, Fruit

Thursday -- Hamburger Patty Special, Small Pasta, Veggies  (Hub really likes this and requested it)

Friday -- Homemade Pizza or Homemade Beefaroni, Salad, Veggies, Fruit

Help us pray about today and the decisions we will need to be making this week.  I am out of sick leave and if I choose radiation, I will use 5 hours a week minimum.  Not to add the 10 extra hours of travel time per week.  And of course the health risks with it.  Not that I haven't been here before ....  I hate to second guess myself about decisions.  We really need to hear from the Lord about which direction to take.   The pathologist report read no skin involvement, but we are not doctors and don't know what this means.   I just know the thought of this very aggressive cancer that I had scares me.  It scares me a lot.  Mainly because of the unknown, but in reality our whole life is the unknown.  It's a little different knowing about the cancer -- then if you were 100% healthy.

Still trusting God and believing in Him ... for all things.   Thanks, as always for the prayers.

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It all sounds good! i think I will do pizza as well and a pot of potato soup as well. That will feed us for a few meals! Give some kisses to the new puppers for me and I am hugging you in my heart!

Oh, forgot to say I am praying for and with you guys on the treatment decisions. I pray God gives a clear answer to you soon.

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