November 7, 2009
The Tock ...aka Taco

This is blurry because he was shaking his Squeaky!  I was trying to make the bed, and or course, he'd come jump on it. Drove me crazy!  I'd kick him off.  The squeaky worked though, I'd throw it out of the room, he'd go get it.  I'd get some of the bed done and he'd be back ... and I'd throw it again!  LOL!   Fun times.

Isn't he cute?? Yup.

As a pup...

The sweater didn't fit Mini so we put it on Taco and then a pink blanket by the fire!
Poor boy.  He was loved though ... not laughed at!

Before his ears went up ...

He loved his Stephen
and his Mom,
And we loved him.



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