November 17, 2009
Home in the morning ...
Thankful to be going home tomorrow.  It's been a little nice to have a break from home (and give them a break from me...) but I am SO READY TO GO HOME.

I like home.  I enjoy being at home with my husband and family.

Miss my goats and animals.  It's actually been a little easier missing Taco, but as soon as I drive down that road, I know I'll be missing that little guy again.  {sigh}

Thank you for your prayers for safe travel and our family.  Please pray for the goats with the pink eye, she is temporarily blind and hurting.  She has to be scared, poor girl.  I just can't be an animal person I guess cause it breaks my heart to see them suffering. 

Had my oncologist office, the radiation office at St Luke's, the surgeon's office and the physical therapist specialized in lymphodema all call me in the space of about 90 minutes -- SCARED ME.   Ugh.

As always, I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ, His saving grace and healing power.

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