November 16, 2009
Monday -- Prayer Request
Made it safely here to San Antonio.  Thank you Lord!   The sun was shining and the weather was about 70.  It's snowing back home ... but its a little chilly here today.

Headed back to the school in a few minutes, but have a couple of prayer requests.

Please pray for our goats -- when we brought the "boy" goat over last week he also brought pink eye.  One is suffering badly.  I've read they sometimes they are temporarily blinded.  In Jesus Name, its not permanent.  My hub will be taking her to the vet, but can you please pray?  It's got to be scarey for her.  Pray for all the rest of our girls and 2 baby boys as well.

Please pray for the safety of my family and friends during this snowy season -- I am always nervous about them driving in it.  Yes, I get "wiggy" a lot. 

But I DO KNOW that prayer works and the Lord hears and answers our needs as well as our fears.   Please continue to pray for my health ... I thank the Lord for His healing touch quite often.  He's an awesome God and I'm blessed to serve Him.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe!   Love Me!



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