November 23, 2009
Thanksgiving Week Menu and Links
2 Pumpkin Rolls for hub's work on Tuesday morning

I  will make a lighter version of Pumpkin Rolls for ours.  (using egg beaters and light cream cheese)

Pumpkin Pie  (Josh's favorite)

Pecan Pie for hub

Pumpkin Rolls  these are dinner rolls -- not dessert rolls.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Green Bean Casserole   ( I don't like this but it was requested!) 

Antipasto Platter -- my family tradition served at every holiday involving Italians!

Nana's Apple Salad -- I put marshmallows in too.  Hub's family tradition.

We'll make some type of fruit pie, Stephen is NOT a pie fan at all.  May make a Cream Cheese Pound Cake for him, and probably some cookies for them to snack on.

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Blogger Crystal said...

Looks awesome!!I know everything will taste AWESOME as you are an AWESOME cook!!! :O)

Blogger Jenna B said...

We do Nana's Salad too!!

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