December 4, 2009
19 out of 33
Just checking in -- been busy at work and it's wearing me out.  So, aside from things I have to get done, everything else is on the "hold" pile. 

Done with 19 treatments, number 20 today.  13 to go which actually equals 2 1/2 weeks more.  I will be done on the 23rd of December.  Right before Christmas/Birthday.  That's a good present.  I have to see my onocologist this month -- so praying for a clean bill of health.  No, thanking God for one.  Amen.

Puppies are growing ... one more needs a home.  A forever home.  He's a good one too!  He has a great personality.  Cute markings too.  We just can't keep all of them.

I think I need a few days off -- I'm beyond tired and I am so stressed at work -- it isn't good for anyone.
But graduation is next week and then the new class arrives.   {sigh}

Will try to check in this weekend.  Thanks for the continued prayers!!  

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