November 26, 2009
Clarification ...
In no way shape or form do I compare the loss of a dog to the loss of a child -- but I do think telling someone what I stated in my previous post are among the top dumbest things you can tell someone. 

Just want to clarify that -- its been a beyond stinky week for whatever reason.  Life is just overwhelming in the Crook household, and rather than burden my hub or children, I vent here.   I know the Lord will fight these battles, but if you know Michelle, you know how impatient I am.  =)  Add that to everything else ... to an unseemingly unending trial ... a mind that never shuts off .... and yeah welcome to my world. 

And Lord, I am waiting to see how you fight this one ... my son gave me insight last night.  I think he's got the right idea, I just need to get his attitude ...



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