December 21, 2009
#31 ...
It's a little scary to be at this point. No treatments after Wednesday. I am the type of person who HAS to do something.

Truly I have to leave my life in the Lord's hands, not keep putting it there and taking it back. Again and again.

Ya know, there is no cure for cancer.

That's a sobering thought.

I never thought that I would be at this place in life.

I wondered yesterday if that lump they found in 2003 was actually cancer and God healed it.

In that case, this is my reoccurrence. Scary thought. But if God can heal me once, He can heal me a thousand times.

I probably shouldn't have scheduled my appointment with Dr. Shwaiki this week, I already have too much on my mind and heart. I kind of chuckle at people for getting so dramatic over their simple trials. I kind of wonder what they'd do if they actually had a horrific trial. But I guess to them its horrific. There are definitely worse trials than this cancer was. Most definitely.  Josh seems to be going through it ... I think we all get fought as we walk with the Lord.  Guess that means we are doing something right, huh? The enemy has no need to fight with someone who isn't right.

I turn 44 on Friday ... and am thankful for those 44 years. The Lord truly has been good to me. My mom had me when she was 44 ... so this year a lot of dates and numbers go together. I had my surgery on September 23rd, which is when my husband was filled with the Holy Ghost. My last chemo treatment was August 12th, my mom's birthday.

See Dr. Lindstrom today and RT # 31 .... going to try and finish some last minute stuff and make some cookie trays for co-workers, hub's, Lexi and Josh's work ... we'll see.

Appreciate, as always your prayers as I journey into life without seeing doctors every day ...

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