December 18, 2009
On the Home Stretch ...

Feeling a little melancholy ... 4 more treatments and I am finished.

A little scared now.   Ok, A LOT scared now.

My life and health have always truly been in the hands of the Lord.  

It's so much more so during this season of life.  Well more of a daily thought, because our lives are in His hands.

To God be the glory ...  thank you Lord for carrying me and walking with me during this past year.  Thank you for strength and the desire to take one more step when I didn't feel I could go on.

You are an amazing Savior and I love you with all my heart.

Thank you for choosing me to serve you.   



Anonymous Melinda said...

Yes, Amen. To God be the Glory!! He has brought you a long ways. God is so awesome in His love and faithfulness to us!! I am so thankful every day for what God has done and is still doing in your life through this season of life sis. We love you and continue to pray for you!!!

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