December 16, 2009
My Co-Workers

I work events that the college hosts for the international officers.  There was a Holiday Dinner Dance that last two Fridays.  (One for each class!)   I usually stay 3 hours and roll home.  Here is a photo that Jason's wife took last Friday.   I skipped the scarf in favor of a crocheted beanie type hat for this night.  Still needing lots of hair to go without.

The Nutcracker was super!   I wish I knew more of the story before we arrived.  Beautiful dancers.
It was a pretty packed auditorium.   Stayed out way past my bedtime.

The hub gets to work every day the next two weeks so his supervisor can take vacation.  Joy. 

I have 6 more treatments .... going to be a busy couple of weeks. 



Blogger Crystal said...

I went to see the Nutcracker when I was still in school. I really liked it!!! :O)

BTW- You look great! :O)

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