December 23, 2009
December 23rd
OK -- taking deep breaths here ... that kick in the gut feeling is back.  Hate it.

Off to last Radiation Treatment at 1100 -- I will be in treatment at 1145.  

Then off to see Dr. Shwaiki -- I know he won't check/do scans and such.  But just the thought of going and not knowing ... its scary.  

Another appointment alone.   That has been one of the worst parts of this journey.  

Then I go and get fitted for the prosthesis ... the insurance will cover that in full.  (before Dec 31st!)

Have to get onions ... to make spaghetti sauce.     Come home and clean up a bit -- dusting and such.  I will wash all the floors tomorrow morning.  Its been raining so keeping them clean should be a joy.  Dogs and rain and mud don't go together well.

We have church service tonight.  I will make a last run to the stores tomorrow morning... after checking my lists and checking them twice ...

Pray for me ... my heart is heavy today.   My spirit is disturbed.   {sigh}

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