December 30, 2009
Wondering if I'll start glowing??
MRI on the brain done, and for those who wondered, Yes there IS a brain inside my skull.  

PET Scan done -- they inject radioactive glucose in your vein ... nice ... surely I will start to glow a bright green color here shortly.  Which proves sugar isn't any good for you. 

And now the wait begins ... hate waiting for news.   Even though I am hoping and believing for good things.  We've seen the hand of the Lord throughout this entire trial ...  my faith is weak.  It's been a rough road ... and I am praying this is the end of it.

I will see the doctor every 3 months, his request.  Scans every 6 months.  {sigh} But by the grace of God they will all be clear ... starting this morning ...

3 inches of snow hit us this morning ... it was an interesting drive to St. Luke's.   I need tires. Bad.  

I have to go pick out glasses and get Stephen his replacement lenses.   I have that crud that is going around -- went to bed about 630 last night ... thanks to my vitamin regiment, its not as bad as some of my friends.  Ugh. 

Our neighbor plowed the drive again ... what a blessing!  Time to get some cleaning done while I feel like it before we brave the elements~!    Thanks as always, for your prayers.

I used cereal boxes to pack some of the gifts, but then actually gave
Ca'pn Christmas Crunch cereal to Josh and Stephen...

Puppies hung out with dad during the opening of the gifts, Mini too!

Josh and Lexi got dad the Motorola Cliq -- for a combined birthday and Christmas gift, but to get the great price they ordered it online and it didn't make it for Christmas .. so Josh made a box!

My birthday cake ... dad said that was more fitting a saying after this year.

Puppy Lap -- they think this is the best spot ... in fact one is crying at my feet now to get up here!
This was when we had all 4 in the house

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Love, love, love the pictures! And there is a surprise for you on my blog! huggles.

Hi Michelle,

I came over from Michelle-Ozarks' blog. Just want you to know that I am praying for you. May God grant you healing and grace day by day. May His love strengthens you as nothing can separate us from the love of God, not matter what we have to go through. You are More Than Conqueror through Him Who loved you! Take care.

Praying for you,

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