January 22, 2010
Interesting weeks ...
I have had an interesting couple of weeks -- work has been busy because a new class just arrived and getting all that completed makes you brain tired on top of the long days and evening events.  

I got a little careless with germs, so I am fighting a cold.  But thankfully that's all it is.  I don't feel too whoopy.  I need to get tires put on tomorrow morning and then I think I will chill at home for the rest of the weekend and get some rest.

We are supposed to get more cold weather and possibly snow on Sunday.  Everything is already grey, wet and muddy as it is.

I've become a "fairy godmother" in the last few weeks, I have been "cursed" by a woman who needs the Lord.  Her words are nothing because she has no power behind it. I am still working around the anger part of it.  Not sure what I will do when I meet her face to face again.  People need to look in their own backyard before they start worrying about what is in someone else's.

My co-worker has decided to stay with our organization, so I was glad of that.  No changes there.

My Level 1 Certification was approved for my job.   I did the course while going through chemo -- and it was doubly hard -- because I did have some chemo brain to deal with.  I'm glad that's over.   I won't be eligible for Level II unless I have a bachelor's.  I have an associates and lots of credits over that but I am not willing or wanting to put the money towards that right now.   It's definitely not a need.

Our mudroom wall had a fire in it -- an electrical fire -- so thankful that it ended up being a small thing rather than a HUGE thing.   I may want a "nicer" house but not at the expense of losing life or memorable stuff.

... working on decluttering ... the last 8 months are really a blur and most things got put to the back burner.  I had to just let a lot of things go.  I just couldn't physically handle much of it.  I'm still struggling with not feeling well.  It scares me a bit.  But I am trusting God.  I think all the damp weather is a major factor.   We haven't seen the sun for days.

Lexi had a job interview on Thursday -- its one she has been waiting almost a year for.  Please pray that the Lord opens the door on that.  That would be just awesome.

Roy turned 50 on Valentine's Day -- need to make plans for that!   He's been a huge help to me.  Last night he helped me clean out fridge, wash dishes, fold clothes and sweep...I didn't feel great but I so wanted it cleaned up a bit.  Lexi was babysitting so she was gone and I had been gone the last 2 nights for work.

Not much else going on .... met some really neat new international officers.   I really love that part of my job.

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Blogger Jenna B said...

When the weather is dreary it messes with me too - if the sun is not out after a few days I am not a happy camper

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