April 13, 2011
Well not really, forgot, just forgot to post!

Thank you for prayers -- scan came back clear!   No change from last time.

God is good!!

Praise God!


The World according to Michelle
My brain tends to work overtime -- (most of the time)

So many things I have been seeing lately, scares me a bit, not scares me for me, but scares me for them.  I'm actually amazed -- in that I never thought I would ever see some of the things that have come to pass.

Things that come to mind lately --

1.  Nothing, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is worth losing out on Heaven and eternal life.

2.  NOTHING.   Nil.  Zip.  Zero.  0!

3.  If something was wrong 20 years ago, (or even 2 or 200 for that matter) it is STILL wrong today.

4.  Life will never be perfect.

5.  And its definitely not fair.  (At least in our eyes) But there's so much more to this...

6.  People have it way worse than I do -- way worse than I've ever had.

7.  Way worse than you too!

8.  If you can't share something with other "Christians" --then something just might be wrong.

9.  And if the reason you are not sharing it is because you feel they will judge you, its probably because you already feel convicted of it.  Might be time to rearrange our thinking...

10.  Especially if its shared with "worldly" friends.

11.  Never take advice from the world -- especially if its anything that goes against what you've always known to be right.  They do not have your best interest in mind, nor what Christ probably has in mind.

12.  Don't have your kids involved in 90% of worldly things and 10% church. 

13.  You make 1 (just one) compromise and its like a domino effect, (affect?) it all goes downhill from there and there's no way to pick up the pieces without starting all over from the very beginning again. And by that time you are so weary that you never begin again ... and all is lost.

14.  Pray and seek God in ALL things.  E.V.E.R.Y.  S.I.N.G.L.E  D.A.Y.

15.  If you don't know what do, refer to No. 14 and then WAIT.

16.  No matter how much you blame someone else -- and what they've done to make you do something.  That is just so wrong.  Had a recent conversation with hub about this -- sorry, he or she can't make me do anything.  I do it because I want to.  The blame starts with that image in the mirror. Mine and your own.

17.  We all need to get off our self-righetous horses ...its not a pretty sight.  Because if we don't -- when we fall and make NO mistake, we will fall -- it will be HARD.

18.  God puts things in our life for a reason.  Sometimes He just tests us -- and hopes we don't fail, but more often than not, we do.

19.   Take time to enjoy life -- the simple things.  Fresh air, sunshine and the company of family/friends.

20.  Questions?? -- refer to No. 14, and then 15~ 

21.  I've heard people say that if they'd known how nice it is to be a grandparent, they'd have done that first.  They are so right. 

Pray and wait... <3


April 5, 2011
Stand Up to Cancer / Fight Back!

It's "that" time again -- PET Scans tomorrow bright and early!

I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me!  In Jesus Name!


April 1, 2011
Meet Christian!

So thankful to the Lord for keeping them safe.   Christian had some issues and had to stay in the NICU, was on oxygen and CPAP for a day but is now  home with his mommy and daddy.

And people are right, you should have grandchildren FIRST, so exciting.  We're ALL already so much in love with this little guy. 

God is good.

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