February 15, 2008
No internet ...

Gotta' love our internet service provider ... I have been investigating a new service and we will probably go that route shortly. Its hard for my son to get his school work done when he needs the internet to take the exams!! Ugh!

Its been a full week of appointments ... doctors, physical therapy, dentists ... I honestly do not care for being that busy with stuff.
My hub's birthday is on Valentine's Day so we normally just do his birthday which is what we did yesterday ... after my root canal! Ugh! I should not have scheduled it because I was not feeling the best ... but we did well. I made him lasagna (pre-made it in the early morning hours) and a cake (yes, from a mix -- he really likes strawberry so ...) We played some card games but about 10 -- this girl was ready for bed.

Josh had the "thing" removed from his nose this week -- they called today and said it was a ruptured cyst and its not malignant, so we are thankful for that. He has quite a few stitches -- more than I thought, but I'm not a plastic surgeon so he knows best on how skin heals ...
My co-worker accepted a job at another office -- so I will be solo in 2 weeks or so. I need to start praying about the new person they hire ... we are in the slow period right now so but the class size is increasing coming May. I can handle all the pre-arrival tasks fine .. but I will be hard pressed to in-process them. You really need 2 people for that.
Above is a photo of my hub and me that someone gave him the other day ... looking at the clothes I am wearing -- I would say that either I am pregnant with Joshua or Stephen but I am thinking more towards Joshua -- (I remember different maternity clothes with Stephen) so it would be about 18 years ago ... times flies like the wind.
Its a holiday weekend and I am hoping for some nice -- warmer weather ... and glorious sunshine! Have a great weekend and maybe we'll be connected .... Lord Bless ...



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