June 26, 2007
While I have a sadness in my heart due to the departure of our horses -- there abides a greater peace -- really knowing that they are safe, well, and have caring, new owners.

They will be well taken care of.
For that, I am so, very, very, thankful. It's all due to the Lord. He did it all, and her injury and everything happened was perfectly in His plan. Looking back we see this, although we tried to do it our way -- but He knew the best way, even if Mysti did have to get hurt.
I still believe she will be 100%.

They had taken Rowdy home about 2 weeks ago but due to the weight of the trailer, they could not take both. Poor Mysti was beside herself when that trailer drove down the road with her beloved Rowdy. They had been together since about 1998/99. That's a long time. She ran from one end of the field to the other over and over again. When she heard a car she ran back down to the road to see if it was Rowdy.

She has been kind of mopey, we had put her in the back field, but I asked my husband to put her back in the front with the goats on Saturday. She wasn't eating, and she looked miserable. Can you not relate?
Sunday afternoon, the new owners drove the trailer in. I thought for sure that she would kick up a fuss. Not a chance! This girl was hiding! I guess she figured, they took Rowdy away and didn't bring him back, I am NOT going out there. LOL!

She actually was a little resistant to loading, and has always been easy to load in the trailer. Not this time!

Tom called but we were at church, so we missed his call. When he took Rowdy, I think my husband called him 3 times and they only live about an hour away. He knew we were worried and wondering how everything went. It was so nice of him to do that. He left a message, saying to give him a call back, that he had to tell us about their reunion -- it was awesome! He said, we had to hear what happened!

Needless to say, I was very impatient and we didn't end up finding out until this morning!

I've not seen the Chariots of Fire movie -- but he said to picture that in your mind. They have 7 acres and Rowdy and their other horse were at the back of the pasture. They noticed the trailer pull up and were looking across the field watching. A trailer usually means work to a horse! They put Mysti in the gate -- and I guess that is when they both knew who the other was?

He said they ran at top speed to each other across the field and met each other nose to nose. With tails up, ears flickering and noses together, just breathing in the scent of a long departed friend. He said they stayed together like that for the longest time. Just being close and enjoying the presence of each other.

He wished he had his camera or video camera! How I wish I was there to see it! I had wanted to follow them home but since we had church that evening, my place was with the Lord. He had his hand on the whole situation in the first place.

I sit here, with tears streaming down my face. They will be missed -- its just not the same around our home right now -- but -- I so wanted a good home for them and the Lord heard my simple prayer.

His grace is sufficient.

Thanks so very much for your prayers.

My prayer is that you will be blessed in return ...

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