May 5, 2009
Did you by chance get the license plate ... of that truck?
I tried to post from my phone this morning, but could only go so far as the title!

I had my port inserted -- let's just say, it felt like a truck hit me by evening. (sigh) It's a bit sore today too -- I did NOT let them use it for my infusions today. I wimped out. Just keeping it real here.

I left the house about 8am and made it home about 4pm -- long day. I did get the CT Scans of my head, chest and abdomen and pelvis done. They also did a bone scan. In Jesus Name -- they are all clear!! We find out Thursday. My hub will be taking me to that appointment.

He has been looking into some nutritional things to do -- which basically makes the body a place where cancer can't grow. They are some interesting things which we learned which are a fact.
We are going to start implementing some of them. No hocus pocus stuff -- all food products basically and absolutely NO SUGAR. We found that it feeds cancer -- and you know I WAS a candy freak -- well that's over. I'm not feeding my enemy. LOL!

Thanks for your prayers -- they are greatly appreciated. Again, I want to thank God for my healing and walking with us during this season of life.

I did get a photo of the 1,000 cranes in the treatment room -- although its on my phone, but they all hang down from a big square light in the middle of the room. I had Rachel --who got my IV done on her first try. I vented a little about my doctor who did the port -- who I did not care for at all. God will show him. I like Rachel -- she's a super nice lady and nurse.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I did and I tried so hard to catch him and make him say he was sorry. Alas I am to slow, too old and too graceful.
Sorry if you are feeling bad hon. Prayers going up

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