April 25, 2009
A New Day ...

Feeling much, much better today! It doesn't feel like I've been kicked in the gut all the time.

My hub was able to come with me yesterday, we saw the doctor and he explained much more and took a lot of time. I'll share more later -- not all good news, but good in the sense that this cancer can be beat. God of course can do it in a second -- but we were at peace with the decision to go ahead and proceed with the first chemo treatment. Chemo works the best on my type of cancer.

I had no allergic or physical reactions to it at all -- I was pretty much zonked out from the Benadryl (50mg!) and Alvatin (?) and it took HOURS. We didn't leave the Cancer Center till 7pm == and got there at Noon. It won't always be that long. I would not have been able to drive myself home -- so that will be an issue.

I'm waiting to see what day the after effects will hit -- I feel good right now. Maybe tomorrow? Or maybe its too early in the treatments.

I need to DRINK and if you know me, I am so not a drinker but I HAVE to. Need to flush it all out. My other organs don't need that chemo sitting there.

We do still go for a second opinion on Monday afternoon.

Dr. Khan said I should see it shrink in 3-5 days after my first treatment. My hub liked him. ???? One thing I found was that he answers all the calls for all his patients all the time, the only exception is when he is out of town. Unheard of alot these days... I'll share more later.
THANKS for the prayers and remember the whole hair thing.
I'll share what I told the nurse later -- can't wait to see God bring it to pass!!
P.S. If you read this blog and are offended, I'm sorry you feel that way, but its my blog and my feelings and its helping me process everything. Its not written to be a stab to anyone. I could say, if the shoes fits then go ahead and wear it, but I won't. God sees and knows our hearts and its not my place to judge anyway. I'm hoping it won't need to be a memorial until I'm like 88 years old, but God knows if my time on this earth will be short so I need to do what I need to do.
My husband doesn't beleive its a sickness unto death -- I go back and forth -- go back when I get a little scared. OK, a LOT scared.
I'm thankful for my sis-n-law, who will drop everything and come if we need her. Those are not words, I know she will. I hope it doesn't come to that. Thanks so much Becky, its means a lot.
A sister in our church volunteered to take me to treatments -- thanks so much sis -- it would be a sacrifice for you.
We have a wedding to prepare for this summer -- In Jesus Name with my OWN Hair!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying, praying God will keep your hair right on your precious head! Glad the first chemo went so well. I will pray they all do.

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