April 18, 2009
Day 4 and 5
No news, doesn't always mean good news.

It doesn't always mean bad either.

Its definitely been an educational week.

If I have to have cancer, I want DCIS.

MRIs are LOUD.

You do things you never thought you could.

I am tougher than I thought.

Still scared, though. (grin)

You close your eyes and don't look when the doc with the big needle tells you to!!

I was impressed to have a Harvard grad take care of me today.

He also has compassion -- and helped us understand more.

Cancer 101. You want DCIS.

My tumour is extremely fast growing.

Nuclear grade 3.

I have mostly DCIS, but first biopsy showed a spot of invasive.

Doc Smith said we want that to be wrong.

He showed me mine and how smooth it was.

Smooth is good.

No fingers reaching out ... I believe God touched it.

Invasive means chemo.

And a harder battle to fight.

But God changed it. I believe He did.

MRI didn't show fingers reaching out either.

It did show a HUGE mass. 8 cm x 6 cm.

I'm small, its bigger than my normal size.

It grew tremendously since March 3, 2009.

God is able.

I was never one to run to the doctor for every little ailment.

Now I will have quite a few ...

Surgical oncologist.

Medical oncologist.

Plastic surgeon.


I need a primary, because the MRI showed some things.

Enlarged spleen.

Which will need to be checked.

Enlarged lymph nodes.

But I've been pretty sick.

We are not going there!!

Yes, they did do a biopsy on it.

If its there, I may just curl up and die.

But its not going to be.

I believe that.

I have to, or I'd not be able to take another breath.

Too much thinking is no good for your health.



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