April 8, 2009
Our Easter Menu

Some of the "fun" about Easter is gone now that our kiddos are older -- the boys still enjoy the candy though. We don't take away from the true meaning of Easter -- which is Jesus Christ.

Our church is hoping to break its attendance record this Easter -- and that would be standing room only -- but I'm expecting great things!!

We will have a huge outreach this Saturday going out inviting people to the house of God.

I know there are many who only attend church on the "big" days -- I'm thankfully the Lord showed us not to forsake assembling ourselves together. Since I work outside of the home -- alot of evenings I am just plain tired and would love to sit home and read a book and veg out !!!

To the menu -- we don't always have a grand menu -- but I've made the Easter Basket cupcakes since my kids were teeny tiny. They even asked last year, and my sons are 16 and 18! So they will be on the plan again. I give some away too because even 2 dozen are too much for us.

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Baked Ham with Pineapple

Cheesy Ranch Potatoes (can you tell I love this dish?)

Seasoned Green Beans



Fruit Salad

This Cheesecake

( I made this a few weeks ago, and used the 1/3 cream cheese, 2 egg beaters and low fat sour cream -- it came out great! Not runny or grainy in any way. It is so good!!

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Blogger Crystal said...

Easter menu sounds so yummy!!! :O)

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