March 7, 2009

Another week --and it will be a busy one -- we have 1 week left to prepare for a huge Sunday School event!

Space Adventures 2009!! Pray for an abundance of visitors which is our ultimate goal!

Most afternoons and evenings will probably be spent at the church -- so I am going to try to prepare a bunch of crock pot meals or meals made ahead. We shall see how that goes! I also have over 100 cookies to bake and decorate. Crystal ??? I seriously need help but ... where there is a will there is a way!!

Sunday -- if the budget cooperates -- its Chinese Food. Subway if not.

Monday -- Chicken Wings With Honey BBQ Sauce, Brown Rice and Veggies (brown meat)

Tuesday -- Sloppy Joes, Oven Fries, Veggies (put together soup in crockpot - night before )

Wednesday -- Italian Veggie Pasta Soup, Crusty Italian Bread (take out chicken)

Thursday -- Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps, Rice and Corn

Friday -- Homemade Pizza (here's hoping -- I'm craving it with bacon!) Taco Salad if not.

Saturday -- OYO! Final prep for Space Adv / Pizza or Taco Salad.

I've been taking my hub's laptop in the kitchen and using my menu from here to keep me on track and get the recipes.



Blogger Crystal said...

Good luck with all of the cookies. I had to do the same thing for a church fundraiser... hard work :O)

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