February 21, 2009
Menu Plan Monday ... 23 Jan 09

This next week should not be too eventful -- I need to make a large batch of spaghetti sauce to restock the freezer (still have a bunch of cheap/free organic diced tomatoes to use up!) -- lots of things to do for a kids' event at church on the 15th of March and our Pastor's 25th Anniversary Service this week.
Sunday -- Hamburger Patty Special, Small Pasta, Veggies
Monday -- Savannah Red Rice, Veggies
Wednesday -- Taquitos, Rice, Corn
Thursday -- Spaghetti/Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Garlic Toast
Friday -- Our Pastor's 25th Anniversary Service at Church / International Dinner After
I'm bringing Sausage and Peppers/ Italian Rolls / Tiramisu
Sausage and Peppers is a good Low Carb recipe -- I use turkey italian sausage and brown with some PAM -- no need for extra oil. I add a can of tomato sauce and some seasonings after the peppers are cooked a bit and simmer together. Serve on crusty rolls or over rice/small pasta. Yummy stuff!!
Most of my menu -- I have the items in my pantry -- except for the Friday menu -- trying to use what we have. So many great deals for free or close to free groceries lately, that our freezer is pretty well stocked.

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