March 1, 2009
Menu Plan Monday ... 1 March 09
Here's hoping to a healthy week for everyone! Poor Squirt has strep throat and had to undergo a total flushing of her ears! Ugh! These kiddos are much more braver than I am when it comes to medical stuff. I work an evening shift this week and a baby shower on Saturday -- where I am to bring the cake! Suggestions??

Crystal -- I wish you lived here because I would bring you with me to the classes. I am trying to get my husband to join me ... need a partner.

Sunday --Mom sick -- dad made canned pasta for the boys.

Monday-- Pasta with Homemade Sauce, Salad (sauce already made ...) (Yes, pasta twice, but..we have Italian blood, so we'll be fine ... or they will) Lots of errands after work hours.

Tuesday -- Tex Mex Chicken and Beans

Wednesday -- Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup and Pigs in a Blanket

Thursday -- Pepperoni Rolls and Salad/Veggies

Friday -- Mom works -- dad is the cook. (although family can come...and eat for free)
Grilled Ham & Cheese/Chips

Saturday -- Baby Shower --- boys meal TBD -- Beef Soft Tacos ... probably

I've come across some links and want to make these for the freezer -- they look easy enough. I'll probably change the ingredients a bit and make my own beans. I could definitely make my own tortillas but I think the size will be an issue.

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Blogger Crystal said...

That would be neat! I think I might try those pepperoni rolls sometime soon! :) Great menu

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