April 16, 2009
16 April 2009
April 13, 2009 -- the date.

17:16 -- I distinctly remember looking at the time and seeing KU’s number.

Just because you have cysts – and fibrous breasts – don’t be too confident that you’re safe. I wasn’t.

If they put you off on being seen – MAKE A SCENE.

Mammograms don’t always detect breast cancer. Mine did not. It didn’t catch the first lump in 2003 either.

Breast cancer is now for life … I’ll always have had it … and it will always chart some of my paths in life.

Silence is not always good.

Prayer helps.

I totally believe in the power of prayer.

You totally know who your friends are when your life turns upside down, and who your friends aren’t.

Some co-workers end up being your rocks.

They’ll let you cry on their shoulders – and they will cry with you.

They’ll also stop everything – and immediately start praying.

I’m thankful he wasn’t ashamed to do that, I needed prayer.

The first 24 hours were the worst.

The first night was the longest night in my life …

People don’t want to hear if you have cancer.

Your stomach does tumble everytime the caller ID shows KU.

Don’t listen to well intentioned, otherwise uninformed people.

It scares you.

It scares you almost to death.

I believe God is a Healer and He will heal me.

How that will happen … remains to be seen. MTF!!

How do people handle it without Jesus Christ in their ring?

You find out how strong spiritually your kids are.

And how strong their faith in God is.

Cancer will bring the most stubborn to their knees.

Waving here!!! Yes, God you have my attention.

Weight loss is imminent, but while welcome, I’d rather be cancer free and fat.

Silence is never good. I’d like to amend that one.

My husband is a better man than I give him credit for.

I need to give him more credit.

You seek those who have “ins” with God and lean on their feelings about the situation.

You don’t have to meet the list of who gets breast cancer, I don’t meet a single thing.

No one in my family was ever diagnosed with breast cancer.

It makes me scared for my daughter.

I pray it hasn’t progressed to the point of spreading.

It’s bad.

I actually do have a confidence that it will all be okay.

It doesn’t mean the enemy doesn’t speak to me.

He needs to shut up. Hear that ??? Good. Shut up.

God will take care of it.

I’m thankful for that “We’re not accepting that” from a brother.

For the brother that told me he would pray and that he loved me.

And the one who said they were wrong before, looks like they are again.

I’m absolutely totally scared to death.

Oh, I already put that. (shrug) Still true.

There is no way I’d be able to take one more breath, if I didn’t Know God was in my court.

Thank you Lord for your peace and prescence. (and healing!!!)

God will use this for His glory.

I’m excited to see what He is going to do.

Doesn’t mean I still ain’t scared. LOL!

I don’t want to lose my breast. (s!)

Even though they’ll reconstruct later down the path.

It’s a girl thing.

Uh, boys look a little lower, wanna lose it?

I didn’t think so.

I feel good right now.

And I’m thankful for that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen sweet Michelle. Jack came so very close to having colon cancer. Sadly I am one who urged him to not get a colonoscopy if he was to nervous. No longer! He made need to have the test every couple years unless he stops getting polyps but that is a small price to pay. Did you realize every polyp will eventually become cancer?

I will be getting back with you on the dishcloths soon. Been hectic with appointments and tests and house closing.

Blogger Crystal said...

Praying for you all!!! God is able! :O)

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