April 23, 2009
God is still on the throne ... prayer requests!!
It's been a wild couple of weeks -- please stop this roller coaster so that I can get off!!

I saw the oncologist yesterday -- and to be honest I didn't get a warm and fussy from him. Doctors protect each other so much, and he didn't answer a lot of questions that I had. Big questions.

Right now his recommendation for treatment is 12 weeks of Chemo with Taxol/??
Then 8 weeks of another 2 drugs, one dose of an immunity booster. Surgery. Radiation treatments after that. (I left the papers at home -- tired of thinking!!) They want it to shrink before removal.

(sigh) (HUGE sigh) Please pray for my husband, this has been very hard on him.

I think I can handle the treatments physically -- they aren't hard core doses at all. Its the whole hair thing. And not so much vanity as we believe scripture teaches women not to cut their hair. (1 Corinthians 11:5-15) I would still need to work and all that ... what would I do? I don't think I'd do bald well.

I did ask the Lord that if I have to do chemo -- He'd let me keep my hair. A young sister that went through chemo never lost hers. God can do it!

Financially this might prove tough ... we had been doing really well too. Already bills are coming in.

I still believe that God's hand is ALL OVER IT - because the oncologist said they had been getting conflicting reports. Of course they have -- God is keeping all that invasive cancer junk contained just like we prayed and they don't understand why its not doing what it should. He said it was "acting" like invasive. Hello -- acting?? I thought these biopsies were a given.
Guess not when God is doing otherwise. =)

We have some huge decisions to make in the next 24 hours -- as chemo starts at 12:15 tomorrow.

We also are going for a second opinion on Monday (different hospital).

Prayer Requests!

1. This thing shrinks. (it can just disintegrate too for that matter!)
2. God keeps containing it and it doesn't spread.
3. Financial help. That we can continue on our debt free road with no bumps.
4. If I have to have chemo -- God contains my hair in my head!!
5. We continue to have a peace about it all.
6. My husband. He's been such a rock to me -- but he's struggling, I can tell.
7. We need some support emotionally. Prayer is great and we are thankful for that, don't get me wrong. But the saying and the doing are totally out there. (eyeroll)
8. Our children. I've decided not to share everything -- only good reports from now on.
9. My co-workers and my boss have been great -- I don't want to be a burden on them.
10. I really don't want to be a burden on anyone -- but I won't be able to drive myself back and forth to appointments, and my husband can't just take off every time. Amazingly enough my co-worker would drop everything to do this for me -- she's said and shown. I'm struggling a little with people who I thought would help and have not. But then I'm expecting too much. One reason why I never depend on people -- they let you down. God never does.
11. God would bless each of you that have bombarded heaven with prayer for me!!



OpenID minpinmom said...

E mail coming from me here in a bit. Many prayers are still yours too. All of you. This affects you all not just you. Huggles.

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