May 3, 2009
Planning Ahead ... and Keeping Busy!

The boys are gone -- and the house is quiet so I have been keeping busy by cleaning up some things that have been neglected and doing some cooking for the guys for the week ahead. Its not at all that my husband or sons can't take care of it -- but it fills a need for me to do it for them.

Its going to be a pantry eating menu plan this week, which is great that there is an abundance to do it except for some little items -- milk and eggs! God is good!

Made some LowFat Banana Oatmeal Bread -- its baking now! Smells yum.

Made up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough -- some to bake and lots to freeze. I just use my cookie scoop and put scoops on a cookie sheet, freeze and put in a plastic bag. Works great. We've tried both of her recipes -- I like the Land of Lakes but the guys and my co-workers like Gramma John's Recipe. Guess which one I mixed up?? LOL!

The menu for the week --

Sunday -- Chicken Italiano, Pasta and Broccoli or Roasted Green Beans (crockpot version!)

Monday -- Hamburgers and Oven Baked Fries (never happened last week!)

Tuesday -- Fajitas (found a bag of frozen pepper/onion mix in freezer!)

Wednesday -- Toasted Cheese w/Bacon, Veggies and Ranch. (This is good stuff -- not healthy but tasty -- going to use the 50% Light Cabot Cheddar from Costco. Does that help? =)

Thursday -- Leftover Spicy Shredded Pork on Tortillas (Doubt I will eat ... but praying!!)

Friday -- If I'm on my feet -- Buffalo Chicken Stromboli -- (will alter this -- I love Buffalo Chicken Pizza -- its beyond yummy!! There's things in the fridge for the hub to make or scrambled eggs and toast!)
We usually have some type of veggies -- I just don't always list them. Have a BUNCH of Steamfresh in the freezer from coupons that I received free. =) TGFMH!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great menu sweetie. Huggles and prayers.

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