April 29, 2009
Tuesdays ...

Tuesday mornings seem to be a meltdown day for me for whatever reason.

I'm doing better today. Starting to get a bit nervous about tomorrow's appointments and things to come.

Still believing God and feel a peace about the whole situation -- or really the end result. Its just the path through that scares me a bit ... OK. A lot.

I'm thankful for my husband more and more, who just holds me when I cry when I can't seem to understand the total plan for all this. But I know God does.
I read the following this morning and it spoke to my heart and soul ...

"Trials, just like this rain, come...often unexpectedly. And just like we had no choice but to walk through this rain to get home, we have to go through trials as well. But like Eliseo who cried out as the water fell and within moments found himself safe and warm in my arms, the Lord carries us through. We are weak, but He is strong and so loving...how He cares for us! Thank you Lord for carrying us through the rain."

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