April 30, 2009
2nd Round of Chemo -- Done!!

I just wanted to start this post with thanking God for my healing. I honestly believe that it will happen, its just not happening in my time or how I think it should be done. I am struggling a bit with discouragement this afternoon -- I felt really good this morning, but now at 3:15 -- not so much. Maybe it from all the medications in my system? I need to start drinking some fluids.

Lots of appointments in the next week. I go for all my scans tomorrow. CT scan of the chest, brain, pelvis and stomach as well as a bone scan. Pray that they are all clear. Please.

Monday my port will be inserted -- and then Thursday is the first round of the "hard stuff". Friday I have to travel back there to get a shot of Neulasta to help my white blood counts. Which I understand might make me feel like I have the flu. It might prove to be a rough few days.

I have a bunch of prescriptions to fill -- who knew? The nurses all said to take them whether I felt sick or not.
Thanks for your prayers -- for healing, hair, and peace in our souls.
They have 1,000 Cranes hanging from the ceiling in the treatment room. 1,000 Cranes for Healing. I thought that was so cool. Click here to read more about it. Image Courtesy link!
I plan on taking a photo when I go back tomorrow to show you all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will keep right on hanging in there with you! Love and huggles!

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