July 7, 2009
Good News/ Praise Report
I had a great visit with the surgeon and her PA yesterday.

I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted … don’t get me wrong there is still some weight left, but I was leaning towards despair for a while. It’s a lonely, hard road, you don’t want to go there. At least not without the Lord.

I almost missed the appointment because I thought it was later in the morning, so rushed to Kansas City. The PA always comes in first, and the first thing she wants to do, is of course see it. She looked and stated “Woah, that is so MUCH better. Thank God. Then Thank God it’s working”.

Amen and Amen. I totally agreed with her about the Thank God.

We discussed how worried Dr. Shwaiki was – and how much smaller and basically just a tad red that it is. Beckie my co-worker has viewed my “thing” and I showed her this morning and she said Wow, it is.

I just need to thank God again – He did it.

We discussed surgery – YES! She is okay with doing it now, but it’s up to Dr. Shwaiki when. We have to wait at least 3 weeks after a treatment due to healing. She did say reconstruction would not be possible at this point. I was disappointed – and asked how hard that would be for me physically. Then I thought about 20 seconds and realized, in the grand scheme of things, “It’s just not a big deal” Out of Dr N’s mouth – “You know in the grand scheme of things, its not important. Getting the cancer out, and treated so it doesn’t come back is”. She’s right. I guess because of how the new chemo is – healing would be a big issue for the reconstruction part. So that would have to wait. Even though I’d like to have it done before the end of the year due to cost and insurance reasons. God knows this. I asked her to tell Dr Shwaiki about our visit because I don’t see him until the 22nd of July. So .. we wait and see. But at least I have a YES!!

In the mid-morning hours this am when I couldn’t sleep. I sat thinking about when it started shrinking and remembered telling the nurse on the morning of my last chemo treatment – that is was looking better already. That was BEFORE ANY TREATMENT.


There is NO DOUBT that God did this.

I give Him ALL the glory for it.

God is (so) good … ALL THE TIME.

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Anonymous michelle said...

Wow that is awesome and prayer in action!

Blogger Crystal said...

Praise GOD! Will keep praying... :O)

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