July 1, 2009
Quick Update ...
I did not receive any treatment on Monday -- doctor felt that it wasn't doing the job, no reason to continue on it. (sigh) So today starts a new round of different chemo drugs. I do not know the names of them -- there will be three instead of two. Dr Shwaiki did say he was creating a regiment specific to what he felt would help shrink the tumour. The tumour is about 6-8 cm. Its pretty big -- I'm a B on one side and a D+ on the other. LOL. Sorry TMI.

I do have good news -- the redness HAS decreased. To God be the Glory.

And... the edges of the tumour are softer and I noticed this morning that the part pressing out on the top part was softer than yesterday. To God be the Glory.

I will give God all the glory and praise for these blessings!!

I had stopped taking the B17 for a while -- I know DUMB -- but have been faithfully taking it for the last week, twice a day. I need to increase it to three. And been taking Vitamin C and 2 other supplements from the nutritionist. (I ran out of the natural Taxol) So, either these or God are making the changes. Let's just give God the praise for it.

I have been having some dark days of despair, I could barely function. Yesterday I started feeling better after seeing the redness decrease and feeling the changes in the tumour. I accomplished a lot around the house and even made dessert for my family.

As always, I appreciate and covet your prayers. God is working.

I'm believing...in what I know it true.



Anonymous Michelle said...

I am giving God all the glory for these changes! Satan is sending those dark days to try and steal your victory and hope. Let me tell you this. He MAY steal your happiness but he can never steal your joy as it is a fruit of the spirit! So go away satan back to were you belong! We will not give in or give up.
Praise God for His love and care and healing.

Blogger Crystal said...

Still praying for you!!! GOD is ABLE!!! :O)

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