June 19, 2009
Hit and Miss, I guess

Found a box of these on my desk from my co-worker. They come in handy. Had a pretty rough day yesterday -- the first time I haven't made it in to work for being ill. I've missed days when appointments filled them, but never for being too ill. Ugh! Long day. No telling what each day will bring regarding the after-effects of chemo.

I made it this morning, I may not make it all day -- I'm waiting for the relief to come ... IJN!

Hernandez Family -- thanks for the prayers! Good to hear from you. We are doing well with the exception of this cancer thing. LOL! Believing God for a complete healing.

Please pray this shrinks, my husband says its not shrinking because its not cancer. Gotta love him! Since the chemo isn't shrinking it, then God needs to so they can remove it, and we can go on with life. Everything seems to be temporarily on hold ... I just want to get on with living.
As always, thanks for your prayers, they are greatly coveted.



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