June 11, 2009
Plan B ... updated
No treatment for me today either ... my blood work was exactly the same. He said if he would give it to me, he'd end up putting me in the hospital and he didn't want to do that. (me either!!)

So... my body is fighting the infection in my breast -- not his words, but ours.

We will try again on Monday -- unfortunately there is nothing I can do to increase my WBC. He looked worried. But he doesn't like to delay treatment at all. Melinda got to meet him today, her and Daniel came with me. Daniel does not do blood very well -- poor guy! LOL!

Thanks for your prayers!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are gonna keep being prayer warriors! Think long and hard about the little soldiers in your body attacking the evil invaders. Okay, I know that sounds a bit silly but that is how I feel.

Blogger MrsHoneysuckle said...

I just found your blog through a link to a link...you know how it goes....LOL Anyway, I want to suggest something that may seem a bit strange to you, but I have known people that it helped. Find some fresh goat's milk to drink to bring up the blood count.

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