June 8, 2009
Menu Plan Monday -- Busy Week Ahead

Going to be an extremely busy week ahead -- our class graduates at work and the new ones arrive, so lots to do for that.
Treatment scheduled - blah.

And Space Adventures II is Sunday!! Going to be fun (and work - but fun is better!)

Sunday -- Shish kabobs, Rice, Fruit

Monday -- Turkey/Beef Hoagies, Fruit and Veggies

Tuesday -- Decorate for Space Adventures -- Spaghetti and Salad, Fruit

Wednesday -- Leftovers (if any!) or more Sandwiches, Veggies & Fruit

Thursday -- Fajitas, Spanish Rice, Corn

Friday -- Homemade Pizza

We've been eating a lot more veggies and fruit -- well trying to! Nothing exciting, but I go to this blog to see what is scheduled so that works for me, or hub can make it for him and the boys.



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