May 23, 2009
A New Day

I'm thankful to the Lord for new days, new beginnings, new starts ... new moments to go forward from. I'm still taking the pain meds/motrin, but thankfully its not as bad and I can function. =)

God is so good to us, we'd be amazed if we knew everything He did -- I know there is much we never see or know.

My husband is off today and has a 3 day weekend! Of course right now he is outside mowing. The boys are still asleep. Stephen wasn't feeling well at all yesterday and basically slept on and off the entire day and then was up all hours of the night. Poor guy. He so wants a job for summer and he is applying.

I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted yesterday but today is a new day! I'm going to make the guys some Whole Wheat Waffles with Strawberries/Bananas and bacon. Do some house chores and head to town. We have a list from Home Depot to get some things done at the house, I'll stop at the store and church to pray. Later this afternoon, we'll head to Kansas City and the Great American BBQ Festival. It looks like fun. I know enough to stay covered from the sun. I didn't have a treatment this week due to my tooth issue so physically I am doing well.
Next week is full of appointments -- Doc on Tuesday (?), Cancer Class on Wednesday, I'd really like to go to this but need a partner and hub has to work, and Thursday is a scheduled treatment. He is absolutely unable to take me this week because his boss took the entire week off and he can't just go. I was actually at work the past 2 weeks for most of it, just 6 hours of sick leave and 5 of that was because of the tooth! Our busy time at work is coming up because this class graduates and we have to inprocess a brand new class. They need me there, I NEED to be there to do my job.
Sunday we have a special speaker at church and boy can he play the guitar and sing!! I'm looking forward to that. How to do my hair? Well, that is going to be a challenge. I wore a pink cap to prayer meeting last night -- and thankfully no one said anything except Joanna! Of course she wanted to wear it. I need to get her a pink one so we match.
Monday we have a church BBQ for Memorial Day at the Park and then we have some friends coming over after to talk about wedding plans and hopefully to get some fellowship time in.
Oh, that photo at the top is for Space Adventures II -- Blasting Off with Jesus!! I rented that for the June 14th day. It looks like they'll have a blast and I plan on getting in there too!! By the grace of God ...
Have a wonderful day/weekend and thank you for your prayers ... the Lord is good to us and provides our every need.

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OpenID minpinmom said...

Sounds like a busy week for you! Huggles.

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