May 11, 2009
Farm Living is the life for me ... NOT!
Saw this today while pursuing KU's website.
It's a $50. per year donation -- I'd love to have it on my car. It's for a great cause.

KU was very easy going about releasing my mammogram and MRI CD for my surgery appointment tomorrow. Sarai will pick them up later today for me.
I didn't make it to church on Sunday morning. My husband brought me back home, I made it to the living room chair and proceeded to sleep until 12:15pm! The world was rocking pretty hard yesterday for me. In all honesty, I'm not sure I can do this -- especially if it gets worse!

The steroids make me hungry although I ate some bland things -- and then it just makes me feel worse when I ate, so it was a vicious cycle. Sense of smell is extremely intensified = gross!

I did make it to evening service, since communion and foot washing were planned. I hate to miss. A sister who just had surgery on Thursday, made it Sunday morning. I totally felt like a wimp. I think I can do pain, better than nausea. Although, I'd rather have neither.

I made it to work this morning, 20 minutes late but I made it. I'm thankful to the Lord today -- for shrinking this thing!! It's so awesome. Please help us pray about this surgery appointment. My husband and I both feel it needs to be removed. So many decisions.

We had an eventful morning. I promised myself I would leave my husband ALONE today since every day off and more have been taken with my appointments, I just wanted him to have some peace. The dogs got up, I let them out and 10 seconds later, you can hear Mini going nutso.

I knew right away that the opossum was back. (sigh) Of course, she thinks she is a warrior and can attack it. I was out there screaming at 0530am -- it didn't faze the dog or the rat! The dogs finally came in, I locked them in their cages and .... I went to wake the hub. So much for leaving him alone.

He got his rifle -- I could hear shots firing but didn't look. He came back in for more ammo. It was too dark to see -- Josh came zipping downstairs - What is dad shooting? LOL! How funny that he knew. They both went to the mudroom and Josh gave him some light and finally opossum went to opossum land forever. They can be vicious little creatures and this one was just too friendly around our house. I'm sorry, but it had to go!! We have 3 little kittens out there and guinea babies that were just born last week -- it had to go!!

our non-opossum friend on the way to burial = trash can

flowers given to me for making it through the 3rd chemo tx

baby guinea birds -- I can't handle their smell -- Ewww!!!
Lexi says if they knew how ugly they get when they got bigger, they'd probably give up on life!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am and will continue to pray for you. And I will be calling you soon. Hang in there hon, you will be fine. I am thinking hard to send my energy and strength to you. Love and huggles.

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