May 7, 2009
Chemo # 3 -- I Did it ...
Its about 8:30pm -- but wanted to post a short note about today's outcome.

The Good News ?? My brain, (and yes Sarai there is one in there!), chest, abdomen, pelvis and bone scans all came out clean -- with the exception of the mass in my left breast. He did say that the lymph nodes show some swelling so there is "probably" some involvement.
Since I've been having an infection, we decided that since they don't know without any more biopsies, we are just going to go ahead and be foolish enough to believe that God answered the prayer by keeping it contained. He said it is advanced localized cancer. Works for us -- God knows all about it.

We went with the first harder treatment -- we have 2 weeks to see if it does anything. Thus far-- no shrinkage. He said he didn't expect any, but I keep expecting and looking for it.

Please pray about the whole hair thing! Not as vanity but glory to God -- its my covering!

A sister and brother in the Lord shared some natural things they did when their daughter had cancer -- so my husband called Canada at midnight and ordered some B-17. It came today and I've already started eating some. Pretty nasty stuff!! We plan to implement some other things -- which I'll share tomorrow. Hopefully I will be feeling as well as I do now. I'm sweating like crazy -- but am on my feet! That's a victory to me!

How can something that is supposed to help you~~~ destroy so many good things in your body?? Question of the ages ... thanks for your prayers!! We do see God at work. My mood-- pretty hopeful and just thankful to God for what He is doing and for all of you that are praying!

Please pray for my friend Melinda -- she had surgery yesterday, they had to go back in at 830pm due to bleeding and now she has lost a lot of blood! IJN! God is able!



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