May 12, 2009
Tuesdays ...

Still struggling a bit with nausea today -- I opted not to take any more of the meds today. Trying to do without -- I can't believe it lasted this long! I feel old today -- my bones ache, and a journey of 100 steps feel like a million. I can't believe how tired I am getting so quickly.

But -- I am thankful to God today for touching my body and my hair. Please keep praying about healing and the whole hair thing! It doesn't want to cooperate much -- but I imagine its the effects of the chemicals in my system.

I crashed on the chair about 0730pm last night -- made it the sofa when my hub came in from the outside -- and then crashed again until I made it to my bed and up at 0430 for work.

My hub is starting to plant all my new fruit bushes/trees. It's a a lot of work! But its looking good!! I'm thankful for him -- he's been a huge source of strength to me, it hurts my heart to burden him so. I told him that he didn't sign up for this!! =(

We see the surgeon at 330 -- please pray that the Lord directs our steps during this season of life.

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Blogger Crystal said...

Still praying for ya! :O) Hope you liked the card Jo sent you. She wanted to make a card for you! :O)

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