May 19, 2009
Josh & Lexi

Just wanted to share a photo of Josh & Lexi.

He is so not into taking pictures! You can see his hair beginning to grow back. I pray mine grows back as quickly! They both recently got new glasses.
They will be married in August -- the Man of God totally approves of this and believes it is the will of God. We've had some undercurrents of disapproval and even words of such.

They may be young but as long as they keep Christ first in their lives and at the center of their marriage, they will do just fine.

Our Pastor is working on 51 years of marriage, and quite a few others in our church were married young and are still going strong. Pray for them, encourage them, but don't discourage them as they try to follow God.



OpenID minpinmom said...

Some "kids" do wonderfully when married while young when they are mature enough. So if the pastor approves and the family, why not let Josh and Lexi marry and be happy? I think they are adorable!

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