May 22, 2009
01:56 .. Still awake
Yesterday I ended up at the dentist office, my bottom right teeth have been giving me issues for a while, but I've put off taking care of it due to this new season of life issue. The endodontist said it was either a root canal done too long or my very back tooth needing a root canal. He had given me some antibiotics due to infection and things were quiet for a few months.

The pain started on Tuesday and went from none to unbearable. I am still hurting pretty bad -- I did get permission to get the root canal from the oncologist - along with antibiotics for another week. They did a root canal on the back molar. I'm praying that it will stop hurting by morning -- it usually takes a bit and there is infection in there plus the whole procedure. I'm on some pain relievers for the pain -- teeth pain is the absolute worse for me. The pain relievers are barely taking the edge off the pain -- I seriously need a break from the pain. I'm so tired -- need some rest.

For me on the pain scale -- 10 is emergency room/broken limbs etc. I'd have to say I'm at least at an 8 -- debated going yesterday evening but not really sure what they could do. I need my own numbing needle that the dentist has! I do have some pretty strong pain relievers and I get some relief but its short lived, and then the pain is back as strong as ever.

Any suggestions? I'm seriously struggling here. Lord, please touch my pain and heal it, In the name of Jesus I pray ...



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