June 2, 2009
Thoughts that float around my brain ...
This treatment hasn't seemed to linger so long.

I wake at least twice a night for potty breaks.

I forgot to pray about my organs.

Need to ask God to protect them from all this mess.

I am forgetting too many things.

I am pretty hairless ...

I forgot to pray about my eyebrows!

Now instead I worry about how I will deal with my hair growing back,

instead of how I will deal with losing it.

I still have some hair but always wear a hat outside of my house.

Considering I've been doing treatments for 6 weeks, its amazing that I do have hair left.

Thank you Lord for that -- I have a tiny bun that works great with the hats/scarves.

My husband has been taking a lot of my slack ... and doing lots of dishes.

I have noticed that my house is suffering. (sigh)

I'm tired of mail -- specifically doctor bills.

I want GOOD news at my next appointment ...

I need to question everything. EVERYTHING.

I told the docs I couldn't do the Neulasta shots.


I am now taking shots at home -- my hub gives them to me.

I have enough for 3 treatments -- the last three A/C


Can you believe that? Why didn't they offer me that in the beginning ???

I did labs yesterday after my 3 shots and they were great!!

God is good.

Just wanted to thank God for my healing ... He is my Healer!!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes God is good. He loves you and so do I.

Blogger heranandez5 said...

Crook family we are praying for you.

God Bless you
The J's and Betty

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