June 11, 2009
Plan B ...
Went to the doctor yesterday for treatment and to see him, I haven't seen him in a month.
Good news and bad news -- no treatment yesterday, my system hasn't recovered enough and counts were too low. Going back today. (sigh)
The tumour hasn't grown, but it also hasn't shrunk as much as they wanted. Nasty thing. So ... one more of these treatments and re-check in 2 weeks. If no improvement, then we are changing the treatment plan and not continuing with the other.

Another kind of chemo ... and maybe radiation. Its so close to the skin that while operable, reconstruction at this point would be impossible. Of course -- God is still on the throne and He knows all about this.

I walked downstairs and across the parking lot thinking, I can either stress out or leave it in God's hands. I'm leaving it in His hands. Doesn't mean I'm not concerned, but I am not going to be anxious and go nutso about it. I actually didn't wake for potty breaks during the night, so slept from about 1030 until 0430 -- which was great for me.

We talked a little about the after effects of chemo and he was shocked that I deal with nausea for about a week after treatment, he said I should not at all. I take the Zofran every 8 hours then Compuzine (sp) every 3 or so hours to control it. The plan is to give me fluids on Friday to combat it. I thought that was the norm, but I guess not. Fatigue is the norm -- which I struggle with, but the nausea I shouldn't at all.

Special prayer requests -- while I don't want chemo -- please ask the Lord to shrink it or use the chemo to shrink it amazingly in the next 2 weeks.

The infection is back -- considering my WBC is 2.8 -- it's not surprising I can't fight an infection. I am on antibiotics once again -- (sigh) I need the UTI, Yeast infection and breast infection to be cleared up -- which the Lord will have to do.

Pray for the finances with these treatments -- I've been shocked at the cost of them. KU charged the insurance $4k for Taxol, while St Luke's was $465. Needless to say my OOP at KU for the same treatment was 100% more than St Luke's. We will have to do payments, but that screws up our debt free goal by 2010. (sigh) I've almost hit the max OOP, but will still have to pay co-pays, and the max OOP is $5K.

Pray for our family -- it's been hard on everyone. I think everything is suffering -- house, relationships a little, my work -- trying to stay upbeat in the darkness that seems to want to overtake me.

Your prayers are coveted -- and another photo! A post is not a post without a photo.
God Bless.

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Blogger Crystal said...

Will be praying! GOD is ABLE!!! :O)

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