June 17, 2009
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Our Internet is down at home -- (sigh) and its been a busy week so far.

I did go to the doctor on Monday and my counts were good ... they went from 1100 to 2342 so treatment went as planned. (ugh) I handled it pretty well, since its my 3rd treatment. One thing I did have to do was go back yesterday afternoon and they gave me just fluids, to help flush out some of the chemo. Funny that I haven't peed any more than normal, I just feel bloated and actually more nauseous today. I made it into work, mainly because I've been up since 3:30 am. It promises to be a long day.

The redness has gone down a bit, but I'm starting to get a fever. Sometimes I feel as if its not one thing, its another. I do know this "thing" needs to shrink and quick so they can take it out and be able to put it back together and hopefully get reconstruction. They did say they would do genetic testing to see if I need to have a double mastectomy, and then would just do that. Lessens the chance of it showing up on the right side. The Lord knows -- I believe in His word and I trust Him with my life. I just wish I knew that the future will bring ...
I did get a Menu Plan made -- although Monday no one ate, last night we had Chicken Soft Tacos, tonight Pigs in a Blanket, Thursday -- Pasta and Salad and Friday Calzones. Lots of Pasta but pasta is easy for me. Still trying to eat out of the freezer, our freezer is full.
Wedding plans are in full swing, and I'm so thankful for the sisters in the church who are helping me, I couldn't ever repay them. And a crazy brother who has mowed our lawn twice! You don't just mow our yard -- its pretty big. I have cookies on the way for him!
Thanks for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated. Have a Blessed Day!!

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Anonymous Michelle said...

You just keep hanging in there hon. Praise God for sending the people to you to help you out. Huggles.

Blogger Crystal said...

Still praying for you!

Thank God for good brothers!!! :O) Ever since Daniel left. My little girl has been talking about him every day! ;)

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