June 22, 2009
Monday Morning

Super crazy morning at work -- but I'm here. Its been kind of hit and miss with the nausea. Struggling with it right now while waiting for another student to come in. Ugh.

I had an instructor come in this morning, and tell me she is a "Survivor" I said, "I will be" She said, "No, you are one!" She went on to encourage me and told me to come see her anytime I needed to talk.
Father's Day was nice -- I made my hub a nice meal -- his favorites. We had church service in the evening and the Lord spoke about fear -- something I am struggling with. I got some super, nice hugs from Caleb, Lexi, and Josh. They seem to know when I struggle and give that little extra support.
Going to be a super, crazy, busy afternoon and evening. Hope your day goes well!
Just wanted to thank God for my healing -- and know He is with me every step of the way!

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Blogger heranandez5 said...

They grow up way to fast. What a nice looking couple.


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