June 28, 2009

Time literally does fly. I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already! I will be honest and say I've been struggling a bit this past week -- tired -- took me longer than a week to feel okay and here we start again. Its not shrunk (that i can see) so I'm unsure what tomorrow will bring regarding any treatment plans. I do know that God is with me every step of this road -- so I just need to rest in Him.

I did cook lunch today -- and it was yummy! That I actually felt like eating it, was an added bonus.

Sunday -- Grilled Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Fresh Corn and Grilled Veggies (peppers, potatoes and zucchini!!)

Monday -- Chicken Quesadillas (by faith!), veggies and fruit

Tuesday -- Invited Out. Praying well enough for this!

Wednesday -- Grilled Cheese, Veggies & Fruit

Thursday -- Calzones (still has not happened!)

Friday -- grilled burgers or sausage, veggies and fruit.

Saturday -- We usually have people over for this -- but just not sure this year if I'll be up to it. I know I will miss having a yard full of people and all the fireworks! We'll see...

As always thanks for your prayers! Have a blessed week.



Anonymous Michelle said...

I am gonna keep praying and praying for you!

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