July 6, 2009
Monday Musings ...
I see the surgeon today -- I've cancelled other appointments, because honestly what was the point? I think there might be a point now. Its looking better. Thank you Lord.

Pray for Stephen today (and me!) he woke up about 530 am with severe chills and feeling really bad, really quick. Pray for his healing and my protection. My immunity is about nil. I don't want to even imagine catching it ...

It will be a busy week with the Lord's help ... the wake for our Brother is tonight, with funeral services tomorrow morning. I'm scheduled to work both Tuesday and Wednesday nights and 2 doctor appointments later in the week.

Our big freezer has been giving us worries since last summer, we opened it last night and some things were soft. We know it needs to be defrosted, so I am going to try and do that today. Please pray it continues to work -- there's too much food to waste/cook. And honestly I'm not sure I am up to the daunting task of all of it ... we have no way of storing it in the other 2 fridges we have.

My husband works today (his day off) (I am off for a military training holiday) so no help there, and with Stephen out of commission ... I'm sunk. LOL!

In our church services, the person at the pulpit might say "God is good ..." and the congregation answers back "All the time."

God is good, all the time. Amen.

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