March 29, 2010
Menu Plan Monday -- March 29th

Easter Week -- I've been playing Farmville on Facebook, since a little before Christmas.  I'm not a veteran farmer -- some people have amazing farms -- I get tired of it and go back to Cafe World - and then I get suckered in by eggs ... they are Easter Eggs by the way, NOT Spring Eggs.  How dumb.

The kids should close on their house on Wednesday.  Then busy season will kick in -- lots of painting and cleaning and move and organizing.  Then I get to get my house straightened up when all their stuff leaves!!   They will be missed, but I am glad for them.   God is blessing them amazingly.  

Sunday -- out to lunch with Sarai and Stephen

Monday -- Vegetable Beef Soup (it's made, it just didn't get eaten....)

Tuesday -- Lemon Pepper Tilapia, Rice and Veggies

Wednesday -- Chicken Bulgogi, Rice and Veggies

Thursday -- Pasta, Salad

Friday -- Pizza

Trying to decide what to make for Easter lunch .... I have a turkey in the freezer and a roast -- so it will be one or the other. 

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