February 26, 2010
Doctor Visit and Life
I think my stress must still be somewhere off the charts.  {sigh}   I wonder why life sometimes can't be just easy.   Would covet your prayers for our family. And yes, I do know it could be much worse.  And I'm thankful it is not!

Stephen came with me to my appointment yesterday.   So thankful for that, kept my mind busy on the long drive there.  He {obviously} doesn't come in the exam, but his prescence was a comfort to me.

Dr. Shwaiki is just an outstanding guy.  I'm thankful that I was directed to him since that is the way things panned out.  He is funny.  He wasn't feeling good at all, but he was thorough as always.

No scans or anything like that, so In Jesus Name all is still clear.  God knows.   I do go for a PET Scan in May.  I don't have to see him again until then, unless something is going on.

He told me that my case/cancer had him mad and crazy!   It wasn't the norm.  He did say that it ended up being littler than he thought and that he was much happier in the end with everything.  I think he expected it to spread / or have already done so last year.   But, our FIRST prayer was that God would contain it.

Cancer doesn't just get cut out -- it doesn't work like that at all ... and unless you've had to deal with it you probably don't know.  I always "thought" it was just a matter of cutting it out, but its not.
But we believe that God did contain it -- tumor, cells and all.   

It is truly a walk by faith.  It was before, but now its just so much more apparent.

We didn't get the answer we wanted from a certain situation .. which stinks ... but I know the Lord knows and has something better.

Someone (s?) acquired our debit card information and managed to charge some things to our account.  I am thrilled.  NOT.   It's been a great week, but can I be like ... done already??/

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