February 24, 2010
Pizza Cups
The kids didn't have anything for lunch today -- so I made a pan of those Pizza Cups in about 15 minutes, start to finish.  Super EASY. 

They decided that the cheapy Aldi biscuits are better than the Grand's.   Last time we used the Reduced Fat Wheat (because I had them from a coupon) but I took one bite to try them.  Nope.    This is a pretty good low-fat lunch as well.   I didn't take any today and left it all for them, but I am thinking I should make a few pans full and pop them in the freezer and they would be an ideal snack and/or lunch options at a decent price.

I'll try to get a photo next time!  

P.S.   I go see Dr. Shwaiki tomorrow -- and the stress begins.  LOL!  Thanks for your prayers!



Blogger Jenna B said...

I had forgotten about those pizza cups - they look yummy! I've been bad this week and have strayed from any sort of meal plan - we had frozen BBQ boneless wings last night and popcorn :)

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