February 22, 2010
Snow and House
The auction was interesting, the auctioneer egged another guy on to bid more, but the kids did get the high bid.  Now they wait to see if the bank accepts the offer.   If something is major wrong with the house, then we're hoping they will reject it, but otherwise, let's do this!   It's a great little house for them.   Well, not that little, but 1544 sq ft.   2 car garage, 2 baths, laundry room, 3 bedrooms and an extra sitting room.  

Snowed a bunch yesterday, so all is white out there.  Late start for federal employees on post ...

No school for the boy.  

I started the Tortilla Soup in the crockpot and have a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove.  Will freeze some for future use.  

I've been feeling pretty good lately, and I give God all the glory for it!   I see Dr. Shwaiki this week ... but all will be well.    IJN!

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